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Founded in Beijing CBD in January 2003

350 worldwide customers


300,000,000 words translation experience

600 international conference interpretation experience

7 major translation fields

35 languages covered

50 outstanding full-time translators

600 local translators contracted after strict assessment

10 excellent project managers

Who is Practical Translation?

We have been providing multi-language translating and interpreting services for more than ten busy years. Going forward, we will be committed to seeking excellence in the industry as we work to make high-quality translation and interpretation services available to various customers in demand.

PracTrans Services

To this date, we are well-positioned to provide a wide array of enabling services, covering multi-language translation and interpretation; rental of simultaneous interpretation equipment; audio/video translation; adding subtitles and dubbing; graphics and text editing, page design.

Our unique quality control mechanism safeguards our standards

Our recipe for success:
Ingredients: motivated professional translators and excellent managers.
Mix together in correct proportion and let settle to gel. Allow plenty of time before serving the final product.

What makes us different from our competitors?

“Integrity” underpins all of our endeavors, “Pragmatism” is the basic value lived by all of us, and “Innovation” is what we’re tirelessly pursuing for.

We, Chinese, revere tradition and stability, but also embrace progress, admire innovation and learn extremely fast, and our company is no exception. A hundred years ago a great scholar and the father of Chinese translation theory, Yan Fu, set the standard for translation, which we, Chinese still hold in great esteem. Yan Fu summarized the essence of good translation in three Chinese characters: XIN (信), which means faithfulness, DA(达), which means expressiveness, and YA (雅), meaning elegance. Yan Fu’s teaching is the foundation of our company’s philosophy, but we have also taken the liberty of expanding the great scholar’s concept to convey our commitment to our customers. The character XIN, is one of the characters used in the word for sincerity; we are honest and transparent in our dealings with customers. The character DA can also represent achievement; we help our customers to succeed in their business endeavor and also do everything in our power to make every translation a success. As for YA, or elegance, we want every member of our team to see their task not as a mundane routine, but as a piece of artwork for our customers to enjoy and appreciate.

PracTrans Specialized Translations

We have accumulated a wealth of practical experience in the fields of legal translation, intellectual property and patent translation, energy and environmental protection translation,news and broadcasting translation,medical and pharmaceutical translation, and aerospace translation.

Our Global Customers

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